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A family

of producers and consumers

Being part of the Association means becoming part of a family of producers and consumers.

To join, would-be members fill out a formal request that is then evaluated by the Consortium’s Board of Directors.

Both those who produce and those who intend to produce Culatta and who would like the Collective Trademark can become members, as can consumers who love the product and who want to become ambassadors for Culatta Emilia in Italy and around the world.


Once they join the Consortium, producers must follow all the guidelines in order to receive the Collective Trademark. This is a guided and controlled process in which producers feel part of an important project for our region and for the identity of their product.


Consumer members appreciate the unique characteristics of this product and want to promote it. They help to increase awareness and knowledge about the Culatta Emilia Collective Trademark.

Contact us

Write to us if you want to join the Consortium of Protection of Culatta Emilia