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The guarantee

of a collective trademark

The “Culatta Emiliabranding seals a promise with producers and consumers.
A promise based on trust and passion.

The “Culatta Emilia” Collective Trademark is created as a distinctive symbol that gives prestige to a cured meat already produced and sold for many years and that is taken from the most precious part of the animal, from which classic Culatello is also produced.
Culatta was in fact formerly known as “Culatello con cotenna” (culatello with rind) until legislature distinguished between the two so that today the two products have two different historic identities.


The “Culatta Emilia” trademark is now registered and appreciated in Italy, Europe and across the world. It is a guarantee of quality and of a processing method that adheres to strict guidelines to ensure the raw ingredient, the total absence of preservatives, and a curing of at least 12 months. Once cured, the final weight of the Culatta is also fundamental and can be no less than 3.8 kg without hip bone or 4.5 kg with hip bone.


The strict production rules and constant supervision by an accredited external control body allows producers of this traditional Emilian product to receive the “Culatta Emilia” collective trademark, a sign of quality


The branding is key to the traceability of every single piece of Culatta. As well as bearing the production dates, the rind also displays the producer’s code so that the consumer can identity and select their favourite.

The Collective Trademark of Culatta Emilia is therefore confirmation that the entire pathway has been completed in accordance with the rules.

And rules are important to us.

Rules for use of the collective trademark and “Culatta Emilia” name